Welcome to Creative Kids Club

Creative Kids
Welcome to Creative Kids Club

Creativekids Foundation is an Educational and Vocational Initiative set up for children, Teenagers, Youth, Women and senior citizens. 

In 2007 Creativekids clubhouse was established as a Resource Center for children focusing on organising extracurricular activities to constructively engage children during the holidays and this has had a tremendous positive impact on children. 

The Creativekids Foundation was later set up in 2011 to reach a wider audience which includes Teenagers, Youths, Women and Senior Citizens and has since expanded her activities to cater to the above mentioned different categories of people.

The Foundation operates as a level platform for all ethnic groups, races and religions to actively participate in all our programs.  The programs are open to everyone irrespective of social, political and economic status.  What better tool than this to use in propagating National and Global acceptance as well as tolerance among individuals.

Everyone is individually engaged in all aspects of our programs and at the end of each program is given the opportunity to carry out a Personal/Group Presentation showcasing skills and knowledge acquired from our foundation. 
We operate an open door policy with emphasis on warmth and friendliness.  Our staff are highly motivated and result oriented.
Emphasis is placed on individual and group exhibitions, as well as presentations which enable members of the foundation to showcase skills and knowledge acquired from our programs.  
Programs, Activities and events at the Foundation include:

•    Arts and Crafts

•    Space Science

•    Basic Elementary Science

•    Creative Writing Workshop and Poetry Corner

•    Dynamic Maths workshops

•    Information Technology Communication

•    Extra-curricular activities

•    Healthy Cookery Classes – Cross Curricular

•    Music and Dance Lessons

•    Sports

•    Soft skills

•    Excursions

•    Vocational and Basic Entrepreneurial Skills



Vision Statement

Our vision in Creativekids Foundation is to have generations of Children, Teenagers, Youths and Mothers;empowered intellectually, Socially, Economically and strategically positioned within the local, national and global community we live in.


Mission Statement

To encourage our Children, Teenagers, Youths, Women and Senior Citizens to use their minds and talents through our co and extra curricular activities as well as programme organised in vocational skills.

Co-curricular Activities

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